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Cypress, The Woodlands TX and surrounding areas Heat Pump and Traditional Air Conditioning Services

If you haven’t heard, heat pumps are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional AC units in Cypress, The Woodlands TX and surrounding areas. Since this innovation includes a higher price tag, you might wonder if the added investment is worth it. ATS Mechanical Heating & AC is happy to explain options, benefits, drawbacks and help you determine the perfect fit for your home, budget and priorities. With 30 years on the job, we are extensively experienced in all brands, models and types of HVAC equipment.

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In cooling mode, an electric heat pump operates just like a central air conditioner. The system pulls heat out of the indoor space, uses refrigerant to transfer the heat outdoors and creates a cooling effect. However, heat pumps typically don’t consume as much energy, dehumidify better and achieve greater efficiency. Plus, by reversing the flow of refrigerant, a heat pump provides heating.

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A heat pump is more efficient than electric resistance heating sources and more efficient than gas furnaces. There is no combustion process. The unit takes advantage of ambient heat available in the outdoor air, avoiding the production of greenhouse gasses and offering especially safe, clean and environmentally friendly comfort. Operation won’t cause concerns with insufficient humidity. For local weather, a heat pump is a truly advantageous option. Get in touch with ATS Mechanical Heating & AC at (832) 266-1531 to learn more, schedule service and enjoy maximum rewards from your decisions!

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