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For light commercial HVAC sales and services in Cypress, The Woodlands TX and surrounding areas, look no further than ATS Mechanical Heating & AC. Our 31 years of dedication sets us apart. We’ve streamlined response and turnaround time without sacrificing value. We know what works, what lasts, and what it takes to optimize the comfort, safety, efficiency, air quality, and day-to-day management of your facility. And you can be sure, we’ll still be here, providing the full range of services you need, in the years to come.

As a factory authorized dealer, ATS Mechanical Heating & AC partners with such well-regarded manufacturers as American Standard, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Activtek, and Attic Breeze, providing the right solution to any type of commercial indoor challenge. Our in-house sheet metal fabrication shop eliminates the middleman, ensuring integrity of materials, design, and fit, with no needless delays.

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Call ATS Mechanical Heating & AC at (832) 266-1531 and take advantage of our extensive resources. We offer flexibility of scheduling and minimize downtime and disruption by always arriving on-time and fully prepared for the job at hand. Along with organized job sites and conscientious clean up, we maintain an open and honest line of communication, target your goals, and deliver sustainable results. Our team is qualified in the full spectrum of light commercial heating, cooling, and air quality equipment, specializing in cost-effective and quality solutions across Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Klein, Louetta, and Kohrville, TX.

Not All Commercial HVAC Companies Can Provide a Comprehensive Consultation

HVAC systems are essential in today’s world and finding a reliable HVAC contractor can be challenging for business owners or building operators. And, with pervasive sickness concerns ever-present, the need for clean commercial heating and cooling systems in commercial buildings is now more critical than ever before. Air control is strictly regulated with standards at medical facilities for example.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Building is Paramount

Indoor air quality gets measured by several factors, including the amount of dust, mold spores, carbon dioxide, and other air pollutants present in the environment. As a result, commercial heating systems significantly impact the indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Adding to the need for commercial heating, the Environmental Protection Agency has noted that a lack of humidity can create an unhealthy environment for office buildings and commercial tenants’ respiratory health by increasing the effects of poor indoor air quality.

Routine Maintenance Is an Early Detection of Commercial Heating and Cooling System Failure

Routine commercial HVAC maintenance ensures commercial heating systems remain efficient and effective. Ensure commercial HVAC technicians are experienced in commercial heating system maintenance to help identify problems before they grow into costly, time-consuming repairs or replacements.

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Steps business owners can take to improve indoor air quality include:

The air filter in commercial HVAC systems should get replaced or changed based on manufacturer recommendations to remove dust, dander, and other contaminants from indoor treated air.

Installing commercial HVAC humidifiers in commercial buildings can help maintain a healthy level of humidity. Ideally, indoor humidity levels should fall between 25% to 60% to achieve acceptable comfort levels.

Commercial air cleaning systems can get designed to remove allergens, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other contaminants from commercial air to improve indoor air quality. For example, UV light for ac unit.

Sealing doors and windows to commercial buildings improves air quality by preventing outdoor air from entering commercial structures through exterior openings.

Firsthand and secondhand smoke can cause serious illnesses, including respiratory problems, emphysema, and cancer. Cigarettes and other tobacco products can contain up to 7,000 harmful chemicals, so creating and enforcing a no smoking policy is one approach to keeping these chemicals outside of your commercial building.

Any commercial HVAC system, whether central heating and cooling systems, needs routine professional commercial air duct cleaning. Thoroughly cleaning air ducts cleaning removes contaminants such as dust mites and other allergens from the air circulated throughout commercial buildings.

Sick building syndrome, also known as a commercial sick-building syndrome (or commercial SBS) occurs in commercial buildings with poor ventilation. It can lead to occupant discomfort, illness, reputation loss, and potential financial losses.

In commercial spaces where health problems only persist when the commercial HVAC system is on, or commercial occupants experience symptoms relieved by commercial HVAC system shutdown, an unhealthy commercial air problem is likely causing the sick building syndrome.

An unhealthy commercial air environment can arise when industrial and building airflows are not balanced or a lack of fresh outdoor air to replace stale indoor air. This imbalance results in poor ventilation, creating an environment contributing to sick building syndrome and poor indoor air quality.

When a commercial HVAC system is present but indoor ventilation is poor or inadequate, occupants may experience headaches, eye irritation, nausea, and upper respiratory problems. For most sick building syndrome causes, such as when an HVAC system is directly causing issues with indoor air quality, turn the commercial HVAC system off until a solution gets identified.

If occupants suffer from respiratory problems, and there is no inadequate ventilation, commercial building owners and commercial building managers should consider hiring a professional to investigate potential causes of sick building syndrome.

The causes of sick building syndrome can vary widely. However, some of the more common commercial HVAC system issues that are associated with sick building syndrome include:

Heating and Air Conditioning Commercial Systems That Are Not Properly Installed or Maintained.

Today, most service providers understand how critical it is to properly install a commercial heating system and provide ongoing maintenance and care after the sale.

The more a commercial heating system gets used, the more opportunities service providers have to check performance and ensure that every aspect of the operation runs smoothly. This constant attention to detail can help avert costly repairs caused by breakdowns later on and prevent accidents from occurring.

Dirty Ductwork: Commercial heating systems rely on a variety of ductwork to circulate air throughout a building. Dirty or blocked ducts can impede airflow, preventing fresh outdoor air from getting inside and causing indoor air quality issues. Sometimes, the problem could be as fundamental as an inefficient filter or poorly sealing doors that need to get repaired; in other cases, building owners may need more aggressive service to clean out the ducts.

A commercial HVAC maintenance plan should include:

Commercial heating units need to get cleaned regularly to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from commercial HVAC units. When a commercial heating system is not clean, the system can negatively impact air quality and reduce efficiency.

Commercial heating system controls require routine commercial maintenance to ensure that they are working correctly. A commercial HVAC technician can test commercial thermostats and other commercial heating controls as part of commercial system maintenance to ensure they are working correctly.

An annual tune-up on a commercial HVAC system is the ideal time for commercial HVAC technicians to check all commercial heating components. During the service call, the service technicians will inspect commercial cooling systems and perform other maintenance tasks to keep the HVAC unit running efficiently for the upcoming year. Some HVAC contractors offer annual maintenance plans to help commercial property owners stay on top of these tasks.

Ensuring commercial heating and cooling unit sensors get calibrated regularly can ensure expert technicians get accurate commercial system readings needed to maintain a commercial air conditioner.

Protecting a commercial HVAC unit from dirt, dust, grime, animal waste, and other contaminants helps maintain the equipment’s efficiency.

More importantly, keeping commercial heating systems well maintained ensures occupants remain comfortable by providing adequate commercial temperature control throughout commercial buildings, whether private offices, retail space, industrial environments, or housing units.

Considerations for HVAC with New Commercial Construction Projects:

Commercial clients such as the owner or developer of a new construction project should contact experienced HVAC technicians for HVAC equipment installation on new construction projects of all sizes and scopes.

Improving commercial air quality is often a top priority for commercial building owners and commercial occupants. Air quality is vital for commercial buildings that house sensitive operations, such as commercial kitchens, schools, office buildings, daycare centers, hospitals, and healthcare services.

Commercial heating systems can impact commercial building energy efficiency if they’re the wrong size for the structure size. If a unit is too big or small, it won’t run optimally, and the comfort of inhabitants will get negatively impacted, and energy costs will soar.

Commercial heating system controls should be energy efficient to help commercial buildings achieve optimal commercial heating and commercial cooling while minimizing the cost of operating commercial heating and cooling systems. Energy efficiency is essential because commercial electricity costs are often a significant expense for commercial building owners.

A commercial HVAC system sized and installed well can help commercial buildings meet commercial ventilation requirements. Everything must be just right in commercial buildings where indoor air quality is a priority or spaces where owners must control humidity levels.

Commercial heating system longevity depends on commercial system maintenance, commercial systems installation, commercial system design, and various other factors. Therefore, these commercial HVAC considerations should get evaluated when commercial building owners are researching or looking to purchase a commercial heating system or commercial HVAC system as part of commercial construction or commercial heating system replacement.

In the past, commercial building owners and commercial building managers often had to choose between purchasing a commercial heating system from one manufacturer or another. Today, commercial building owners have many major brands from which to choose when it comes to commercial heating system manufacturers.

Today, commercial building owners and building managers have the option of choosing commercial HVAC service providers that can handle all aspects of their HVAC system. Comprehensive, integrated facility services often include:

  • Commercial heating system installation with automation.
  • Commercial heating maintenance remotely monitoring in live time.
  • Commercial cooling systems installation with automation.
  • Commercial cooling systems maintenance remotely monitoring in live time.
  • A variety of other commercial HVAC services and tasks.

Integrated services are ideal for commercial building owners who require access to comprehensive commercial heating and commercial cooling commercial services.

Integrated commercial HVAC commercial service providers offer significant value. They provide savings on commercial heating system installation, maintenance, and commercial cooling systems installation because they can often coordinate commercial HVAC tasks to help lower overhead costs for every commercial HVAC task that gets completed.

When commercial building owners or building managers search for commercial HVAC companies near me. They might not find this local gem. If you need to purchase commercial heating and cooling unit or the whole HVAC system. Priority should be choosing an authorized service provider to ensure a seamless installation and post-maintenance to extend the HVAC longevity.

Authorized service providers work exclusively with leading HVAC brands, offering professional installation and ongoing maintenance and care once in production. Further, their relationship with the HVAC manufacturer offers a commercial advantage that can pass savings and incentives to their end clients.

Our office in Cypress, Texas is conveniently located in a fast-growing suburb of the Houston metropolitan area with an estimated population of over 75,000. Cypress TX has experienced a 5% population growth each year since 2008 and was ranked 14th among the top 20 fastest growing suburbs between 2000 and 2009 by Forbes magazine. There are 3 zip codes we cover 77410, 77449,77433.

The Cy-Fair Independent School District serves Cypress residents. This excellent school system boasts award-winning schools, low student-to-teacher ratios, outstanding college preparation rates, and high average SAT scores of its students.

Cypress TX residents get protected by the highly praised Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (CFVFD) that has won many awards for its outstanding service in the community. In addition, the community gets protected by the Cy-Fair Emergency Corps was awarded as the “2012 Outstanding Citizen Corps Program” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

Cypress is a significant contributor to the economy in its region and the entire state. Its rapid growth has led to a thriving job market and increased demand for housing, retail centers, restaurants over the past several years.

According to local law, the crime rate in Cypress is estimated at two incidents out of 100,000 each year. However, this statistic is variable, depending on the type of crimes committed. Nonetheless, it remains low throughout all categories.

Cypress is home to high housing demand and increasing property prices due to its location. According to real estate agents, currently, the median price for homes in Cypress is $230,000+ for a three-bedroom, two-bath, single-family residence.

ATS Mechanical Heating & AC Repair serves in Tomball Texas too in 77375, 77377 zip codes. It is a city located in the suburbs of Houston and has about twenty-five thousand residents. There are great places to eat, shop, and enjoy nature in this community. It’s an ideal community for anyone who desires the convenience of all the amenities of big city living without the traffic, noise, and crime that often accompanies metropolitan living.

The Tomball Independent School District provides education for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district boasts a high school graduation rate of 93 percent, and individual student scores in math, science, language arts, and history test are regularly higher than state averages.

The Tomball Fire Department has about thirty-six members and provides medical care to the residents in and around the city. Tomball Police Department is also an excellent community service that contributes to a safe environment for citizens and visitors.

Most residents commute to work in Houston or other nearby cities, but there are several businesses located in Tomball. Notable employers include the ExxonMobil facility and Waste Management Incorporated.

The overall crime rate in Tomball Texas is significantly lower than national and state averages, with an average rating of about 82 crimes per one thousand people. As a result, people who want to live in a safe community can feel safe in Tomball.

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I love this company…I’ve tried others but this one is by far the best! They are honest, reliable, and give great service. I know I can count on their expertise!

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ATS installed my Heating & AC system 4 years ago and has been providing routine checkups and maintenance services since. Quality service plus a valuable membership plan makes me a satisfied loyal customer.

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The team at ATS Mechanical is first class. We have used them for the last two years and they have always been professional and extremely responsive. It is apparent that they truly care about the quality of their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing climate control work at their home or office.

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ATS Mechanical installed a Mitsubishi mini split system in my master bedroom, works very well and exceptionally quiet. ATS personal were very professional. Would highly recommend them.

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ATS is the best heating and AC company ever! I had my AC, furnace, and ducts replaced in July, and the workers that did it were all so sweet and did a fantastic job! I also had Shaun come over to perform a heating inspection this morning and he did a very thorough job. I appreciate how he took the time to explain to me what he checked. All in all, I absolutely love how professional, responsive, and caring this company is. I highly recommend them!

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Overall experience was great from start to finish. Would highly recommend! Was not the typical sales pitch in and out kind of deal. We were informed about the product we were going to purchase and given all the information we needed to make the right choice for our home. Nothing was forced on us, everything was based on facts and shown with proof. Our rep from the beginning was great! Thank you Brock.

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ATS was very prompt in coming out to fix the issues with my HVAC system. Jordan was very helpful and informative, and he walked me through everything he was doing. He was up front about all the cost and gave informed answers to all the questions I had. We will defiantly use ATS Mechanical and AC again!


We had new HVAC system out in our house and ATS went over serval options with us. This allowed us to make the best decision for our home and financially. Install was completed within a day.

Kaela B

Professional, on time, and quality of service was excellent. Installers cleaned up and left nothing behind. Very happy with service from start to finish. ATS has also provided repair services before the install and I was always very happy with each visit.

Jerry M

Outstanding, professional organization. Owner personally evaluated heating/cooling loads for a replacement mini-split. A more applicable sized system recommended versus existing system, job cost estimate was very competitive versus other quotes. Install crew showed up right on time, very professional, job done right, great cleanup. Will no doubt use them again (and again)


These guys are amazing, I initially was using another company but called ATS for a second estimate when I had work done back in December and not only was their quote a 4 digit number cheaper, they were very quick, professional and I have not had any issues with their work.
They came out today to repair the other side of my system and not only found the issue, got it fixed and had me back up and running same day. Their guys are very knowledgeable in HVAC and it shows in the quality and expediency of their work.

Kevin D

I have been using ATS Mechanical for several years now, and I have always been impressed with their service and pricing. The owner, Barry Granger, and his techs, Shaun and now Jordan, are super knowledgeable about our system (one unit serving three levels) and ensure it runs optimally. They arrive on time, send a notification when close, and follow up with electronic documentation. I am on an annual plan, which is reasonably priced and includes a discount for parts and repairs. Highly recommend them.

Rich B

Great communication, fast appointment and professional technician. Explained all the steps of repair and the cost was great value. My new “go to” company for HVAC services.

Robert J

ATS was great to work with. Upon scheduling the install, the crew came out got the mini split system working in no time. Very professional group. Look forward to using them in the future.

Chris O

All I can say is excellent service. Absolutely will use ATS for my AC requirements moving forward.

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