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ATS Mechanical Heating & AC is a premier provider of air conditioning maintenance services in various locations around Texas including Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Klein, Louetta, and Kohrville, TX. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to keeping your AC system running efficiently, especially in the notoriously high Texas heat.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Cypress, The Woodlands TX and surrounding areas

While anyone living in Texas can appreciate the importance of air conditioning in combating the often scorching and uncomfortable heat, not everyone understands the crucial need for regular AC maintenance. At ATS Mechanical Heating & AC, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to air conditioning maintenance. Beyond the typical trouble-shooting of potential issues, our professional team conducts systemic inspections and cleaning procedures to ensure optimal temperature control and longevity of the system.

AC Tune-Ups

One of our main services is AC tune-up procedures. These involve a comprehensive check of every component of your AC system to identify and resolve any existing or potential issues. We assess both the internal and external elements, from filters to refrigerant levels, ensuring that everything is functioning at its best.

Superior AC Services throughout Cypress, The Woodlands TX and surrounding areas

ATS Mechanical Heating & AC has proudly served Cypress, The Woodlands TX and surrounding areas for decades, establishing ourselves as a trusted provider for all AC related services. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are familiar with a wide range of AC systems and are committed to keeping yours in top-notch condition.

Furthermore, our services extend to communities of Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Klein, Louetta, and Kohrville, TX. We understand the unique needs of these locations and tailor our approach accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction from our customers. Beyond the required AC maintenance and tune-ups, our team offers insightful tips to our clients on ways they can keep their AC systems running efficiently between service visits.

Trust ATS Mechanical Heating & AC With Your AC Maintenance

ATS Mechanical Heating & AC is your trusted partner for all your air conditioning maintenance needs. Our clear commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with our technical expertise, makes us a perfect choice for keeping your AC system at its best. Contact our team to get your air conditioning systems in tip-top shape for the Texan heat.

Deciding on the best HVAC system is a daunting task. There are many units to choose from, and each builds market share based on unique features. People looking for American-made air conditioners will run across Trane, American Standard, and Carrier. 

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Leads The Way

American heating and air conditioning companies have a wide range of systems to install. It’s up to consumers to decipher what they want out of their HVAC and hire installers who intimately know and understand all the ins and outs of the leading air conditioners. It’s worth comparing the air conditioning lines to pick the one that is the best overall fit for the residence.
To streamline operations, American Standard now has seven models, rather than twelve. The company dropped the lowest efficiency models to focus on the seven best sellers.  

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American Standard Air Conditioner-HVAC Brands Comparison, Value, Pros, and Cons

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ATS Mechanical Heating & AC offers only the best in HVAC systems with our American Standard equipment. These systems give you high quality for a cost-effective price. No matter what your individual needs are in your home, we can provide the best solution.

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American Standard Compared and FAQ

Trane and American Standard are nearly identical, with one significant exception. Trane produces 18 and 16.5 SEER units, and American Standard does not. Ingersoll-Rand is the owner of both brands, so parts are identical or interchangeable. Both brands get manufactured in the same factories. However, both brands have different price points. 
Although it’s virtually impossible to compare prices accurately, most estimates find that American Standard HVAC units sell anywhere from 8% – 11% lower than Trane units.

SEER is a rating that accurately measures the cooling efficiency of air conditioners or heat pumps. It uses a scaled system where the highest number represents the most significant degree of efficiency. For consumers who want to keep their energy bills low, paying extra for a unit with a higher SEER rating could be a worthwhile investment.

The EPA and the Department of Energy provide Energy Star ratings. These designations certify both buildings and products when they meet established energy efficiency standards. For an air conditioner to achieve the title, it must have a 15 SEER or higher rating.

For people with older HVAC units, this could be impactful. R-22, commonly called Freon, has been the most popular air conditioner refrigerant in the United States for decades. That’s has changed since the EPA banned it for import or manufacturing as of January 1st, 2020. The EPA cited that R-22 damages the ozone layer, which is the reason for the ban. 
To avoid surprises, homeowners should investigate whether the current system uses R-22. For the time being, units that use Freon can still get serviced. However, sourcing this chemical will become more difficult and expensive over time. With these units already at or reaching the end of life, updating with a new unit that doesn’t use this harmful compound is best for the environment.
The phaseout makes this the ideal time to seek alternatives and upgrades to existing HVAC systems. It may be time to check into American heating and air conditioning companies for suitable replacements. Most HVAC installers recommend choosing a reliable American Standard air conditioner. American Standard HVAC parts are easy to get, and the brand has established itself as a leader in the HVAC industry.

Carrier is another well-known line in HVAC manufacturing. The company carries a wide range of models, including the Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner 24ANB1. In the same way as American Standard, Carrier leads with innovation and technology to meet the needs of today’s homeowners. They offer three primary lines: 

  • Energy series.
  • Comfort series.
  • Performance series.

The Performance units have the lowest prices and most economic features. The Energy models are the ones with the highest overall SEER ratings. 
When comparing Carrier to American Standard, there are few product comparisons between the two competitors. But, a widely-cited 2014 survey showed that Carrier ranked lower than American Standard. 
When investing in an HVAC system, it pays to compare similar units and brands. Ultimately, performance is a top priority, but it can be a subjective matter, depending on the criteria they’re making a judgment.
A trusted air conditioning contractor company that handles multiple brands can provide valuable insights into the products. They can offer up-to-date information based on real-world installations. 
American Standard and Carrier both have competitive product offerings. As established and stable HVAC companies, they aren’t afraid to lead the way with innovation. Trane American Standard air conditioning holds up well against Carrier, and both brands perform better than less well-known alternatives.
Before the weather gets extreme, it makes sense to search for “American Standard dealers near me.” Authorized American Air HVAC dealers have deep knowledge about installing preferred systems. Homeowners can trust them to handle all the details from installation, maintenance, and repairs.
Extended warranties and service contracts help to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

What’s the Difference Between American Standard and Carrier?

Carrier and American Standard are long-standing HVAC companies with deep roots operating in the U.S. 
John Pierce founded American Standard in 1875. Willis Carrier started his firm Carrier Company in 1902 and has been competing with American Standard ever since. Over the years, both companies invested in growing their operations and providing a wide range of air conditioning systems that offer consumers leading-edge quality. 
Experienced and authorized dealers can offer expert guidance and advice on the optimal HVAC configuration for every residence. Homeowners get the benefit of having a comfortable place year-round. With valuable insights on Trane, Carrier, and American Standard HVAC units, they can recommend the unit most suitable for customer’s homes. 

American Standard HVAC is a popular option for homeowners. The seven central air conditioners that carry the American Standard label range in efficiency from 14.75 to the top score of 22 SEER. The company focuses on efficiency, and its entire product lineup is now in alignment. A rebate still available for homeowners. Call Barry Granger for a free consultation.
Prices vary for American Standard air conditioners, ranging from $4,665 to $10,425 for installed systems. Factors such as the size, model, and installation can impact the final pricing. However, American Standard air conditioner prices are very competitive with other HVAC manufacturers.
Deciding on a new home air conditioning system considers more factors than price, although this factor can play a significant role. Rebates and tax incentives can help to reduce the overall cost of ownership.
Standard heating and air have a full range of HVAC equipment. That includes oil and gas furnaces, air handlers,, and indoor air quality equipment, which the company refers to as Indoor Environment equipment.
American AC and American standard parts are abundant, and so is finding experienced HVAC contractor or technicians who can work on heating and air conditioning units. There are plenty of American Standard air conditioner reviews that anyone can use to research previous customer’s experiences. That’s one of the best benefits of dealing with an HVAC company that works with well-known HVAC brands.

Expect quiet operation and decent energy efficiency. With a rating of 16 SEER and one cooling stage, the consumer can rely on consistent comfort.

  • Top of the line AC. Maximum comfort and humidity control.
  • Up to 22 SEER
  • Variable cooling stages
  • Quiet operation
  • Quietest operation compared to competitors.
  • Up to 18 SEER
  • Variable cooling stages
  • Quiet operation


These units provide a highly efficient, 2-stage air conditioner that has top comfort and humidity control built-in. The air conditioners operate up to 18 SEER, have two cooling stages, and use maximum temperature control.

Consumers value American Standard Silver Series air conditioners for reliability and affordability. The in-demand systems are robust, featuring single-stage compressors. 
That helps them cool down any environment efficiently. American Standard AC provides temperature relief and control but doesn’t sacrifice durability. 

American Standard Pros & Unique Features
American Standard heating and air conditioning have unique features that make them an outstanding choice for any homeowner. American air systems are highly efficient, keeping millions of homes across the United States comfortable all year long.

Energy Management Controlling Help Improve Performance

The technology found in the Energy Management Controlling monitors energy usage from the unit’s compressor. American Standard develops and distributes three tiers of energy efficiency depending on the SEER value of the unit and compressor.
The terms the company uses are Basic, Better, and Best energy management. These terms relate to the units having either single-stage, two-stage, or variable capacity compressors.

Single-stage compressors:

Single-stage compressors are a significant part of the American Standard heating and cooling product line. Four out of seven of their units use the technology. The primary drawback to one of these systems is that they lack the efficiency that having more compressors bring. They cost less than higher-efficiency alternatives but can’t match them in performance.

Two-stage compressors:

American Standard produces a single model in the “Better” category. This model has two gears, allowing homeowners to switch from 65% to 100% capacity. That flexibility improves efficiency and provides more temperature control. 
When the thermostat gets set down several degrees or more, this type of unit will quickly shift into its highest gear or one hundred percent capacity until it reaches the desired temperature. American Standard HVAC Platinum SEER 18 and 20 making it the most energy-efficient A/C with a two-stage compressor.

Variable-capacity compressors:

Two of the American Standard offerings have compressors capable of changing fan speeds in small increments. The Platinum 18 and 20 both use modulating compressors that adjust in 1/10th of 1% of a second. They operate anywhere between 30% to 100% of total capacity. These two models speed up and slow down often to deliver the most optimal energy efficiency.
These excellent results cost more but deliver the best efficiency. People living in humid and hot climates should almost always choose one of these. American air conditioning and heating are reliable in a multitude of environments but require installing the correct system.

How good are American Standard compressors?

Trane and American Standard both have excellent reputations for compressor quality and use ClimaTuff and Duration brand names. American Standard HVAC dealers support their commitment to higher standards.
Gold and Platinum level AC units use all-aluminum spine-fin coil compressors. The coils look similar to bottle brushes with a profusion of tiny metal spikes. These units deliver efficient cooling because they transfer heat outward from those small bristles, pumping heat out of the house at a rapid rate.

Comfort Management Features

Comfort management works best with product lines that offer a two-stage compressor. The biggest concern with single-stage compressors is that significant temperature swings aren’t uncommon. That adversely impacts comfort management because these swings allow the indoor environment to get out of the optimal range. Combining a two-stage compressor AC with a variable speed blower fan provides more granular temperature control and comfort management. 
When a variable capacity AC and a variable speed blower fan work together, it provides maximum comfort. 
Don’t overlook the critical role of thermostats in controlling indoor environments. American Standard has the AccuLink Platinum, Gold, and Silver thermostats, each explicitly used for their three performance tiers. 
The AccuLink versions use a touchscreen thermostat to deliver precise temperature control. They use WiFi thermostat with a Nexia Bridge to provide intelligent home automation. These state-of-the-art thermostats do an incredible job of maintaining temperatures while using energy efficiently.

How Does the Communicating Technology Work?

American HVAC systems now use innovative thermostat technology for temperature control. This connectivity allows the AC and furnace to send data back to the thermostat continuously. This monitoring feature means the thermostat can manage the system’s operation at all times, continually optimizing temperature control and humidity levels.

American Standard AC Unit Installation, American Standard Air Conditioning Unit Installation, American Standard Products & American Standard HVAC Installation Cypress, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Tomball, TX, Spring, TX & Klein, TX

American Standard HVAC Installation in Cypress, TX | American Standard Air Conditioning Unit Installation The Woodlands, TX | American Standard AC Unit Installation Tomball, TX

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What Customers Are Saying

The team at ATS Mechanical is first class. We have used them for the last two years and they have always been professional and extremely responsive. It is apparent that they truly care about the quality of their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing climate control work at their home or office.

Hal B

Overall experience was great from start to finish. Would highly recommend! Was not the typical sales pitch in and out kind of deal. We were informed about the product we were going to purchase and given all the information we needed to make the right choice for our home. Nothing was forced on us, everything was based on facts and shown with proof. Our rep from the beginning was great! Thank you Brock.

Amadeo N

ATS is the best heating and AC company ever! I had my AC, furnace, and ducts replaced in July, and the workers that did it were all so sweet and did a fantastic job! I also had Shaun come over to perform a heating inspection this morning and he did a very thorough job. I appreciate how he took the time to explain to me what he checked. All in all, I absolutely love how professional, responsive, and caring this company is. I highly recommend them!

Ashley T

Outstanding, professional organization. Owner personally evaluated heating/cooling loads for a replacement mini-split. A more applicable sized system recommended versus existing system, job cost estimate was very competitive versus other quotes. Install crew showed up right on time, very professional, job done right, great cleanup. Will no doubt use them again (and again)


All I can say is excellent service. Absolutely will use ATS for my AC requirements moving forward.


I have been using ATS Mechanical for several years now, and I have always been impressed with their service and pricing. The owner, Barry Granger, and his techs, Shaun and now Jordan, are super knowledgeable about our system (one unit serving three levels) and ensure it runs optimally. They arrive on time, send a notification when close, and follow up with electronic documentation. I am on an annual plan, which is reasonably priced and includes a discount for parts and repairs. Highly recommend them.

Rich B

I love this company…I’ve tried others but this one is by far the best! They are honest, reliable, and give great service. I know I can count on their expertise!

Estelle T

ATS was very prompt in coming out to fix the issues with my HVAC system. Jordan was very helpful and informative, and he walked me through everything he was doing. He was up front about all the cost and gave informed answers to all the questions I had. We will defiantly use ATS Mechanical and AC again!


ATS was great to work with. Upon scheduling the install, the crew came out got the mini split system working in no time. Very professional group. Look forward to using them in the future.

Chris O

Great communication, fast appointment and professional technician. Explained all the steps of repair and the cost was great value. My new “go to” company for HVAC services.

Robert J

These guys are amazing, I initially was using another company but called ATS for a second estimate when I had work done back in December and not only was their quote a 4 digit number cheaper, they were very quick, professional and I have not had any issues with their work.
They came out today to repair the other side of my system and not only found the issue, got it fixed and had me back up and running same day. Their guys are very knowledgeable in HVAC and it shows in the quality and expediency of their work.

Kevin D

Professional, on time, and quality of service was excellent. Installers cleaned up and left nothing behind. Very happy with service from start to finish. ATS has also provided repair services before the install and I was always very happy with each visit.

Jerry M

ATS Mechanical installed a Mitsubishi mini split system in my master bedroom, works very well and exceptionally quiet. ATS personal were very professional. Would highly recommend them.

Dennis B

We had new HVAC system out in our house and ATS went over serval options with us. This allowed us to make the best decision for our home and financially. Install was completed within a day.

Kaela B

ATS installed my Heating & AC system 4 years ago and has been providing routine checkups and maintenance services since. Quality service plus a valuable membership plan makes me a satisfied loyal customer.

Cynthia T
The Woodlands

At ATS Mechanical Heating & AC, we make sure we’re the only call you need to make. No matter the challenge, we resolve it to your satisfaction and deliver lasting results. Whether you’re interested in the purchase of industry-leading equipment or in need of skilled services, we provide honest answers, customized recommendations, and quality you can trust. ATS Mechanical Heating & AC is recognized for unsurpassed standards throughout Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Klein, Louetta, and Kohrville, TX.

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