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Spring, TX Duct Repair and Maintenance Services

It’s easy to overlook air ducts. However, this often neglected network of pipes transports the air your family breathes and relies on for comfort. Improperly designed, dirty, leaking or aging ductwork might be negatively impacting budget, HVAC longevity, indoor temperature and air quality. At ATS Mechanical Heating & AC, we recognize the importance of ducts performing at their best and have designed our repair and maintenance strategies to optimize capacity, efficiency and reliability.

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Here are some common ductwork concerns:

  • Ineffective design/installation – 80% of heating/cooling units and duct systems aren’t properly matched. The majority of ductwork has not been effectively designed and installed to optimize supply and return airflow, resulting in less than ideal efficiency and capacity.
  • Leaks – The average home sacrifices 20 to 40% of air that passes through the ducts. The loss of heated/cooled air increases HVAC workload, leading to greater wear and tear, higher running costs and complaints with overheated or chilly rooms. Plus, holes or gaps in the ducts welcome outside pollutants into the home, polluting indoor air quality.
  • Improperly sealed registers & grills – In many homes, air escapes at the registers, before reaching the intended destination, forcing the HVAC system to run longer and work harder.
  • Crushed, torn, kinked or twisted flexible plastic ducts – Any restriction in airflow is a problem. Complaints with comfort, stress on HVAC components and higher energy bills are just a few of the many consequences.
  • Lack of sufficient insulation – When ducts are not insulated properly or at all, there’s a loss of cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter. Ensuring adequate insulation will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC system.
  • Buildup of contaminants – Dust, dander, pollen, construction debris, webs, bugs, rodent feces, decomposing pests, mold growth and all sorts of pollutants can be concealed inside the duct system. As air travels through the ducts, these harmful toxins can become airborne and distributed into the breathing air. Plus, the accumulation blocks airflow.

Dependable Duct Repair Services with ATS Mechanical Heating & AC

Call ATS Mechanical Heating & AC at (832) 266-1531 or use our handy online contact form to schedule a complete ductwork evaluation. We are here to help seven days per week. Our NATE-certified technicians utilize innovative tools, technologies and strategies to thoroughly and accurately diagnose airflow through the system. Providing skilled repairs and maintenance, we are your ductwork professionals and problem solvers in Spring, Texas.

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